We custom manufacture high quality gasket & seal solutions for electronic devices as well as essential tools in the medical industry. Our products are used in hospitals, medical manufacturing plants, medical production facilities and medical research laboratories. A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. has the capability to match existing gasket and seal specifications, as well as help design and engineer new gaskets/seals.

As new technologies continue to develop in the medical industry, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. remains at the forefront as a supporting force. The rapidly changing and evolving field of medicine calls for greater volume of equipment manufacturing, and as such, greater volumes of manufacturing components including rubber seals, rubber gaskets, neoprene gaskets, polyethylene gaskets and sponge gaskets, among other variations of sealing and gasket products.

For this and many other reasons, businesses in the medical industry have called upon A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. to custom die cut, kiss die cut and/or laminate gaskets and seals of all materials. Often times in the medical field, it is important that particular gasket materials be electrically conductive so that they work in harmony with other components of medical equipment. We have years of experience catering to manufacturing plants and production facilities in the medical industry.

In the past, we have produced/manufactured the following types of seals/gaskets for the medical industry:

  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • Custom fabricated gaskets
  • Solid silicone gaskets
  • Solid rubber gaskets
  • Silicone sponge gaskets
  • Neoprene gaskets
  • Silicone sealing gaskets

In addition to our familiarity with electrically conductive gasket materials for medical equipment manufacturing and custom foam/sponge gasket production capabilities, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. has produced a variety of custom-made rubber gaskets, sponge gaskets and foam gaskets for use in medical research laboratories.

For further information on the high quality gasket and seal solutions that we manufacture for the medical tool and medical electronic device industries, please contact A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. today.

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